Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In Memory of Maa Charlotte

Atma Namaste!

Our Guru Patni Maa Charlotte (beloved wife of our Guru 'Master Choa') left her physical body on 07.03.2016.
Now she is one with our Guru.

About Mother:
Maa Charlotte was the Spiritual Consort of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for more than 12 years. She served Master to the best of her abilities and continued doing so.She was the Editor,Compiler and Transcriber of His most recent Books.Our Satguru permitted her to conduct all of his workshops all over the Globe.She co-founded the Planetary Peace Movement International with Grand Master Choa in 1998 and is the founder of Endowment fund for World Peace and Global Healing in the USA.She also founded Pranic Healing European Charitable Foundation.She was predominantly teaching in Europe including Central & Eastern Europe.She was trained by Master in all GMCKS workshops. She founded "The Inner Sciences" institute to spread the word of the Guru.

At the feet of Master,
Krishna Mohan