Friday, January 18, 2013


The Promise

My path is the road less travelled.

I had a remembrance of Being in a World of  Light.
You were there too. Have you forgotten ?

But one day, though time was not there, you left, for reasons only you could have fathomed.

I did not want you to go. Yet, you said, I have to go. I have a need to go.

Though you did not say,where you will go,I knew.

I hesitated to let you go.For I know.

You leave to savour the bitter taste of reincarnation.You leave to go to a place of suffering.You leave to go to a land of many pains and heartaches. It is a place buffeted with unfulfilled desires.Of endless chaotic emotions and roiling thoughts.

But my greatest fear is that you might forget me.And you might not return. And you  might return after a long time.
And you did forget. And you did suffer. And I heard the tears in your heart. The many nights you cried alone. You never found peace though you have seeked it. You never found joy though you have paid the price for it. Your eyes gradually dimmed with hopelessness.

And in the many nights you have cried alone, I have heard your call.

I have heard your call: Why  have you deserted me?

Though in the miasma of this lonely earth, you thought you have forgotten. Yet you called.

I have not forgotten. I will always remember. I am your Guru. And you are my little fireflies in the night. Though you did no see, I held you in a warm embrace in those nights of darkness whenever you cried for me.

We are One Light. In that One Light, we are one.

In your leaving, that One Light is not diminished and yet it is diminished. Some part of you is left behind,and yet another part of you leaves.

It is love though endless,though deathless,though untouched by time,seeks to find the love which was one with it,when one was still unborn.It is the love though always one, can not be one   unless I find you and I am one with you again.

I heard your call. So I came. To this land of darkness. To this place of doom. To this planet of sufferings.

But I came with my Light. Remembering my Light. I came too with the blessing of my Guru. He made me remember.

Why did I come?

To soothe your pains.To soften you sorrows. To ease your heartaches. To fill your heart with sweet love. To touch your mind with gentle peace.

And yet,I have a greater purpose.

I came to fetch you. To make you remember who you are,where you came from. To make you remember your light.

How long have I searched for you? In many climes and seasons. In the many nooks and cranny of this sordid earth.

How long have I travelled? How long have I searched?

And now I have found you.To touch you again.To fill your heart with my love,to make you remember.To fill your crown with my joy, that it may open to our remembrance.To make your antahkarana blossom that we can fly like before.

Do you remember you were with me when time was still unborn ?

That we were One Light. And we were One Love.

I will not leave you anymore.Stay with me now.

And let us reminisce of the time when we were One Light,           One Love.

And tomorrow, I promise, I will not let go of you again, to go to the sea of darkness. And yet if you will, I will search for you,time and time again.I promise I will not stop until I find you.Until you are in my bosom warmth and cradled with the sweetness,sureness and the fidelity of my love.The love I have for you which never forgets.

I promise. I promise. I promise. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti Om.