Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Telugu Version of "Pranic Agriculture A New Revolution"

Atma Namaste!

Greetings of love & light,

With the Blessings of Master Choa Kok Sui, we are happy to announce that;
We are ready with Telugu version of First Ever Book on Pranic Farming. i.e.,
"Pranic Agriculture A New Revolution" by Krishna Mohan.
We consider this as birthday gift to Master CHOA.

This is a compilation of various techniques & the protocols which gave the best results like
maximum produce, nutritious crop, tasty food & maximum shelf life etc..

Mr.Krishna Mohan & his team (including six Clairvoyants) worked for more than 8 years,
with an initiative of bringing back diversity into Agriculture.The revelations made in this book are breathtaking.

Thanks to Acharya Kailash (President, AIYVPHFT) for his dynamic decision, to launch a complete a set of courses on Pranic Agriculture; based on the material and knowledge provided by Mr.Krishna Mohan. On 11.02.2011 (in AIYVPHFT office, Tirupati) Author has handedover the complete notes on Pranic Agriculture to Acharya Kailash, after a day long discusssion .Which was highly appreciated.

Blessings of MCKS be with Acharya Kailash & AIYVPHFT.

Contact :

1) Krishna Mohan : 9440954227
2) Vamshi Mohan : 9866195416

For copies and more information.

In Master's service
(MasterMinds Team)