Saturday, November 27, 2010

SOS with Pranic Healing - 24x7 Emergency Helpline

Atma Namaste!

PRANIC SOS 24X7 is a brand new endeavour launched by Masterminds Team,
who planned to be at the instant service to each & every person worldwide
with Spiritual guidance of MCKS.

This is based on the repeated saying of Master i.e.
"what great thing can one do than to relieve human pain?"

Masterminds Team
consisting of 6000+ Pranic Healers allover the world, will be there to help
the needy, by praying and blessing for them.

This "PRANIC SOS 24X7" will help -
Be it any kind of emergency, accident, danger to life, psychic attacks, cardiac arrest,
fire accident, any kind of natural calamity etc.
Be it an important Business meeting, urgent need of job, financial crisis etc.

Anyone in need can write to us:
1) SMS: +919247405108
2) E-MAIL:

NOTE: If you are a Pranic Healer, and wish to join us in this endeavour,
Mail your Name, place, mobile no. & courses taken by you.
E-mail :

In Master's service

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