Thursday, September 16, 2010


Atma Namaste!

Pranic Healing is special, unique, wonderful, fulfilling and what not.
No matter how many adjectives we try to dedicate to define Pranic
and Master’s work, the entire vocabulary falls short for its
Each and every Pranic healer, all over the world, takes it as his
duty, to spread master’s teachings to all. Every Pranic healer wishes
to be of great help to master.
To do this, every body needs the accurate energy, which we intake from
universe in the form of prana.

Healthy food is a must. Healthy food constitutes prana in correct
proportion for the development of a healthy mind.

In the Golden Sutra of “Experiencing Being”, Master writes, ”Spiritual
growth is easier for a person who is a vegetarian.” It means emotions
in the food helps in spiritual growth. Eating right with right
emotions is very important.

Right and positive emotions can be put into every bite we intake. Food
treated with pesticides can never bring out the correct emotions. The
need for pesticides has been felt due to deteriorating soil conditions
and decreased yields, effecting farmers economical conditions.

If twin heart meditation can heal the world, then it can definitely
heal soil and the plants. With this intention in mind and with the
grace of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and his teachings, a group of
Farmers & Pranic Healers from MasterMinds Team consisting of 6
clairvoyants have introduced a new type of farming, now popularly

There are various protocols that were tried and tested on the plants
which yielded surprisingly miraculous results. The plants were
healthier, bigger with increased yields. It was also noted that the
food made with treated yield was better in taste, aroma and digestion.
On the other hand, animals were happier, healthier and friendly with
their care-takers and of course gave extra yield.
All this was done without any use of pesticides or any artificial additives.

Krishna Mohan, Managing Trustee, MasterMinds Foundation & Krishna’s
Institute for Inner Sciences, defined Pranic Agriculture / Pranic Farming as
“The form of agriculture that relies basically on prana, earth forces
and spiritual energy, which in turn can increase soil productivity,
control pests, strictly limiting the use of synthetic fertilizers and
synthetic pesticides on plants.”

Pranic Agriculture /Pranic Farming is so simple that any, and every, pranic healer can
use it on his plants in the drawing room, to plants in the kitchen
, to roof gardens to farms, to animals to aquatic animals. These
techniques may be used in different forms, with different techniques,
combinations, at different time of the day to year for healthy plants.

There have been breath-taking revelations by the MasterMinds team in
pranic agriculture over a period of 8years of their research.

The compilation of their work in the form a book will be made
available to each and every pranic healer very soon.
MasterMinds Foundation is also ready for sale of fruits, vegetables,
poultry products and sea food treated and grown by pranic healers with
pranic agriculture techniques.

Live, breath, sleep healthy with Pranic Healing and eat healthy only
with Pranic Agriculture.

In Master’s service
Pranic Healing & Pranic Agriculture)

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pranic Agriculture in Action

Atma Namaste!

Pranic Agriculture in action

On the next PPM Audio Stream meditation we will feature Krisna Mohan
from India.

He will be speaking about the work they are doing with Pranic Agriculture based
on the Teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui.

How to use various color prana combinations for different plants for maximum

Pranic Agriculture has spread to more than 78 countries.

Experiments have been done on 36 different types of crops.

The crops grown have very high nutritional value, and superior aroma and taste.

You may email Krisna with questions at

The next PPM Audio Stream will be on Sunday, September 12th at 2 AM and 2 PM GMT at

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