Sunday, May 16, 2010


Cotton is cash crop.
It is grown mostly in red & black cotton soils in india.
We have tried this in both soils.
Farmers said that they got 25% extra produce,
Their expenditure for inorganic fertilizers is almost zero.
This (healed crop shown in the pics) is the best crop obtained in the whole distict and the farmer is awarded model farmer.

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  1. The entire work done by MCKS Masterminds team is highly appreciable...The results on the cotton and potato are easily noticeble...Great work done and this must be known to each and every farmer all over the country...
    I would request MCKS Masterminds team to look up north as well, as India gets its maximum agri growth from the soils of punjab and neighbouring states...
    For centuries together these states have given tremendous supply of food grains but bcoz of pesticides and poor soil quality the produce has decreased...
    So a lot of help could be done to the country if a small team could be sent there...
    Belief and practical results right infront of me, encourages me to seek help from this team up north..
    Tons of luck and divine blessing
    Shailu Sharma