Wednesday, November 18, 2009


1) Invoke MCKS for guidance & blessings
a) Meditate on Twin Hearts

2) Cleansing the seed (only) with Crystal
a) Make 20kg packs of seed.
b) Cleanse each pack with green, orange & violet pranas alternately

3) Energizing the seed (only) with Crystal ~ 5 day program:
a) Day 1 ~ Energize the seed with violet prana for 5 minutes.
b) Day 2 ~ Gap
c) Day 3 ~ Energize the seed with red prana for 3 minutes.
d) Day 4 ~ Gap
e) Day 5 ~ Sow the seed.

4) Dividing the field:
a) Draw sketch of the field on a sheet of paper.
b) Divide it into square/rectangular plots
c) Number each plot

5) Cleanse & Energize each plot (only) with Crystal ~ Identify it with its number

* This method is very convenient to heal the affected area
** The followers of this protocol should invariably follow the Basic & Advanced protocols in addition to this for best results.

so be it! & so it is !!

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