Wednesday, November 18, 2009


1) Invoke MCKS for guidance & blessings

2) Meditate on Twin Hearts

3) Bless the soil for 5 minutes with violet prana every day one week before sowing the seed.

4) To facilitate the germination of seed,bless the soil with white prana everyday for 5 minutes,
one week after sowing the seed

5) For increase in quality & quantity of the product, bless the leaves of the plants with red prana
twice a week for five minutes

6) For pest control & virus/fungus control, bless the crop with violet prana for five minutes twice a week

* All these techniques are to be applied only after meditating on Twin Hearts

** Blessing or energizing should be done simultaneously with pranic breathing

*** The followers of this protocol should invariably follow the basic protocol in addition to this, for best results.

so be it! & so it is !!

In Master`s service


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